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Growth in China

Growth is the essential part of the investment strategy known as “growth at a reasonable price.” Without growth there is no strategy. A cheap stock of a stuck-in-the-mud company may still be too expensive. Growth is first among the four equally weighted fundamental aspects of financial strength that MarketGrader assesses in grading companies [...]

John A. PrestboJohn A. Prestbo

Investigating China’s Stock Market

China, already a force in the global economy and the world political power structure, is about to become a major presence in worldwide equity investing as well. China is increasingly opening up its mainland stock markets to foreign investors, who until recently have been limited largely to Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. [...]

John A. PrestboJohn A. Prestbo

Saudi Arabian Equities Preview: Identifying Fundamentally Sound Stocks in Soon to Open Developing Market

Saudi Arabia is on track to open its stock market to large foreign institutional investors on June 15. Those who are curious about the sort of companies they will find in this off-limits country can find many answers in MarketGrader’s new 300-stock emerging markets index, the MarketGrader Emerging Markets 300 Index, which includes 37 financially [...]

John A. PrestboJohn A. Prestbo