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About MG is the official blog of, where we’ll regularly update and inform our readers of changes, enhancements and additions to our web site as well as share our answers to your questions and suggestions with all our readers. We will also publish regular highlights of our web site’s features on this column to help you get the most out of them and apply them to your regular investment process. We encourage you to post your feedback about our web site frequently and help us build a better experience for all our subscribers.

Bonds – How Low Can They Go?

As a stock research house, we always look over our shoulders at what our bond cousins are up to. Not that this has any bearing on our ratings, of course, but out of sheer interest in the pricing correlation between bonds and stocks. This is especially true when certain “safety” bonds are a proxy for investor fear as has been the case [...]

David LucterhandDavid Lucterhand

Equities – Down but not out

  Investors world wide are running for safety and who can blame them? Certainly, no one really knows whether Greece will leave the Euro and, if it does, what the political and economic fall out will be. Savers in Greece are withdrawing Euros from their bank accounts to hedge against introduction of the Drachma. Savers in Spain and Portugal, [...]

David LucterhandDavid Lucterhand

The Fed, the Future, and the Rest of Us

Discussing central banks and what they do is not necessarily the currency of a stock research company but we ignore them at our peril. Their decisions affect us in the way income is distributed, access to finance, the way the financial system operates, and even the solvency of government. To many, the expansion of the Federal Reserve’s [...]

David LucterhandDavid Lucterhand