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We are proud to present you with our latest research explorations. In our pursuit of Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP), MarketGrader takes a systematic bottom-up fundamental approach to analysis of companies and markets, globally.


Daily Market Wrap

The Barron’s 400 (B400) dropped 3.58 points and 0.75 percent to 472.14 Tuesday, as U.S. stocks lost ground from the continuing budget, debt limit and government shutdown impasses in Washington, D.C. The B400 is up 29.94 percent year-to-date in 2013. Decliners Tuesday included technology and clothing-related stocks. FLIR Systems, CommVault [...]

John MorganJohn Morgan

Reconstituted B400 Has Smaller Stocks, But Size Segments Grade Evenly

Size matters, even in the equally weighted Barron’s 400 Index. That’s because the market does not treat large, mid-sized and small stocks equally. One size segment usually is outperforming the others at any given point. This year, for example, small stocks currently are leading both mid-sized and large stocks, though this past spring mid-capitalization [...]

John A. PrestboJohn A. Prestbo